Transcription Services:
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- Reliable
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Who we are

Singscribe is a company that aims to be the leading provider
of high-quality medical, legal and general transcription
services to the Australasian market. It aspires to
provide the most reliable and highly customised
services available in the transcription industry.

Our teams of highly trained transcriptionists
have over 15 years of industry experience.

We have partnered major healthcare providers
and state agencies to provide secure, highly
accurate and reliable turnaround times.

Get in touch with us to find out
how we can improve your productivity and patient care.

  • Medical
    Healthcare providers are assigned
    personal transcriptionists to ensure consistant quality. With up to three
    tiers of checks, we ensure accuracy
    of at least 98% and free of any
    major or critical errors.
  • Medico-Legal
    Combining the precision of medical
    and the strict formatting of legal
    standards, our teams produce
    reports that meet the requirements for this form of transcription.
  • Legal
    By transcribing audio recordings of
    meetings, we free up your staff for
    other duties.
  • General
    This free-form style transcription is the most challenging as there are no fixed topics and context is often variable.

Our Services

Transcription Specialists
Providing quick and accurate transcription services in multiple sectors.

  • Medical

    Our specially trained transcriptionists are well versed in medical terminology and nuances.

  • Medico-Legal

    Combining medical and legal transcription to produce strictly formatted reports.

  • Legal

    We transcribe audio recordings of meetings, freeing up your legal team for other duties

  • General

    We also produce transcriptions of general and other audios.


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